10 Creative Things to Do in Coronavirus Isolation | COVID19 Quarantine

Heya peeps! If you’re like me, pretty much anywhere around the world at this point, you’re probably stuck at home in isolation or self-isolation (quarantine), trying to keep the world around you safe, and also going mad from not knowing what to do with your time, because as a creative you probably have a lot… keep reading »

Wedding Season

Seven wedding bookings in the first six months of shooting them. Gotta stand for something, right? When my friend A. called me up in November and asked me to do a small wedding for him that he wasn’t able to do, I was anything but ready. I had been doing photography semi-professionally for several years,… keep reading »

Traditional Albanian Wedding

Flooded with the rich cultural heritage that I had been experiencing the entire day, I stepped into the cool dark restaurant and sat down for a relaxing drink. I had recently been invited to attend a wedding in my friend’s family, and whenever I get the chance to travel, no isn’t an answer. Especially when… keep reading »

My first professional mountain tour

Nearly a kilometer ahead I could barely make out the figure of my fellow guide Jenny, trying hopelessly to slow down the eager children, who just couldn’t understand that wasting their energy on this first ascent was a grave decision. It’s been months since I’ve decided to start more actively participating in mountain tours and… keep reading »

The angry face of Bjelasnica

A rugged cliff of sharp rocks on one side, and a deadly abyss on the other forced me to carefully consider every step as I slowly climbed the face of a very unforgiving mountain. 6am found me sleepily donning my hiking gear and stumbling down the stairs, hoping trams would be working that early. Luckily… keep reading »

Via ferrata Blagaj

Two fully-packed vehicles of 14 Nomads and several hundred kilos of equipment were on their way.  Rain, clouds and a three hour drive wasn’t the ideal way to start a much looked-forward-to hiking trip, but not like that was going to deter us. I half slept, half listened to the muffled conversation of my co-journeyers, wondering… keep reading »

Here goes nothing

I’m already spread so thin across so many responsibilities, but somehow I feel this is a good endeavor. They say you have to act and think like the person you want to become, so here’s me projecting to be a travel blogger and photographer. I have a vlog, yes, plenty of social accounts, but somehow… keep reading »