Recently my lifestyle has become very ad-hoc. I spend a lot of the time out somewhere else because I do mountain tours, I go on tour with a band, I go on tour with a choir – I pretty much spend six to eight months away from home. And if I’m out of the house eight months a year, is it really cost-efficient to have a house or an apartment? That’s how I bumped into vanlife, started researching it, and since then been liking it more and more. The more I read about it, the more I watched different pieces of content about it, the more I liked it. To the point that regardless of what kind of lifestyle I would be leading, the whole concept of vanlife just seemed amazing to me. Watch the vlog:

Despite all the amazing aspects, it would be the biggest change and the biggest investment of my life, so it’s definitely a lot to think about and consider, so we comiled a list of 30 reasons, and we wanted to share them with you.

Before we dive in, I want to give a huge thanks to the Matneys, a.k.a Chris and Aubrey, because they let us use a lot of their footage, as we don’t have any van videos of our own just yet.

Below I’ll list the 30 reasons and categories they fall under, but if you want to hear the reasoning behind each reason, watch the more detailed long-form vlog linked above!

Mobility (i’ve got no roots)
1. Travel (get your ass on the road)
2. Being away from the city (get some fresh air in those lungs)
3. Climate chasing (catch that damn climate)
4. Emergency relocation (time to scram)

Health (do yoga and eat more salad)
5. Being more connected with nature (sun’s down, time to sleep)
6. Better food (only organic, low calorie, free roam lettuce, please)
7. Less internet (no 5g, no corona)
8. Learn construction and home maintenance (now I can build a house)
9. Freelance work (i am my own boss)

Environment (drive less, walk more)
10. Being more environmentally conscious (shower less, brush your teeth faster)
11. Sustainability compensates for emissions (drive more, but use solar)
12. Van more efficient than multiple city cars (take your sports cars, give me a van)

Social (hi, wanna be my friend?)
13. Learning from, with, and about people (what’s your favorite food?)
14. Close proximity brings people together (can’t watch me when i poop)
15. Inspire people to be more healthy (enough chips and sugar)
16. Inspire environmental consciousness (go recycle your paper)
17. Educating about alternative lifestyles (vanlife? tiny house? earth ship?
18. Entertaining and story telling (once upon a time there was a boy and a girl)

Minimalism (are you sure we need that?)
19. Using less water (let’s just not do the dishes today)
20. Using less power (pause that movie, go to sleep)
21. Using less space (are you ready to poop in your kitchen?)
22. Work less to have to afford less (where are we getting free water from today?)
23. Cutting the fat (consumerism sucks)

Financial (no rent this month either)
24. Upfront costs vs. cost of living (empty your pockets, but it pays off)
25. Owning your own space (who needs lands and houses)
26. Opportunity for new business ventures (now I can build a van)
27. Intercity and international availability (hire me anywhere!)

Content (another day, another video)
28. Vast topic for content creation (subscribe to our channel!)
29. Ads, merch, community funding (i’ll pay you to be my patron)
30. More time for creative projects (let’s make a documentary about you)

That sums up the 30 reasons! That’s not to say that vanlife is all positive – there are plenty of negative aspects, and reasons for why you may not be able to do it, or why you should at least consider several times whether you want to get into. But that’s a video for another day!

We just hit 50 000 followers on Instagram, which is amazing! Didn’t imagine that it would happen, and so fast. Thanks for sticking around and making our dream a reality. Live your dream!!!