Heya peeps!

Last week we went on an adventure to see some “alien artifacts”. At the beginning of this year, since the whole vanlife thing was postponed cause of the Coronavirus, we decided that we would be traveling a lot more, in whatever capacity, just going around to see our country and all the cool things that are around here. So today we are in Zavidovici – a little tiny town on the North. It is known for these big stone spheres thrown around the forest. Now, some people say they are alien, some people say they are man-made, some people say that Giants made them back in the day, kinda like the Stonehedge. Yeah, it’s not alien artifacts, apparently, these are geological formations in perfect spheres. We’ve been traveling for about an hour today. Again, no one really knows the process, because it happens over such a long period of time, but it’s kinda cool. Watch the vlog about it here:

Behind me here is the biggest sphere of them all – it is about three meters in diameter and nearly 70 tons in weight, so it’s pretty huge for a perfectly rounded geological formation.

The second part of the trip takes us to this other park, where the spheres are not as big, but there are a lot of them placed in the stream below. Honestly, my only disappointment is that it’s kinda dirty everywhere. This could be made into an amazing destination, both touristic and local. It could be made really picturesque and beautiful, but with all the trash coming down the river, it’s not that attractive, and you can’t even get a decent picture.

Stone spheres near Zavidovici.

Now we’ve arrived to our final and most important destination, which is our little barbeque spot. And we got a really beautiful river here, hopefully I will get some shots, maybe pull out my drone. There should be a waterfall upstream, so let’s go for a walk. This is one hot sunny day to go for a long walk, but at least we got the good views.

Just this country alone – not even considering the entire world – is full of these amazing places that I’ve heard of my entire life, but have never been to. And it doesn’t take much money, doesn’t take much time, doesn’t even take that much effort – it’s just taking a nudge to go and be there and explore and enjoy and film it and take pictures – whatever your method of enjoying something is.

Kamenica waterfall.

It kind of relates to a lot of things in life and creativity and social media – some things don’t take that much time and effort, it’s just about making an intentional click, an intentional first step to get it started – and then you realize how easy and amazing it is. I’m pretty sure that the next road trip after this one is going to come really soon, just because the whole travel and changing location and people around you, and nature – it’s kind of like a hard reset. It completely wipes the slate clean from what you were doing and gets you in a new frame of mind. So for those of u s who are working professionals, who do need to be productive and efficient – it contributes to that as well, because the next time you sit down to start working on your project, you will be fresh, you will be sharper, you will eb more ready and less exhausted.

If there is any opportunity for you to go out and wipe the slate clean with a little trip to nature, it works wonders!