My name is unsurprisingly Ilia, and honestly I’m never sure how to title myself. I call myself a Multimedia Specialist because it sounds a lot more professional than “Jack-of-all-trades”, though the latter really is the more accurate description.

7 years of music school, graphic design in university, years of work in the NGO sector, dozens of photography courses, horse-riding school, mountain guide and rescue training, diving training, just to name the more outstanding ones. Pretty sure that grants me the title.

Thanks to my addiction to discovering and exploring my skills, I’ve always managed to find opportunities to volunteer and work in all those areas, perfecting my skills to be able to offer them at a high professional level, though I can’t say I’ve completely mastered any single one – the drawback of the adventurer.

I’d have to say my biggest passion is travelling, because it offers endless opportunity to learn, without having to put my other hobbies on hold – I can combine everything I love into a dynamic package. That’s why I look for every opportunity to travel, and my ultimate goal is for that to be my career, in whatever form.

I’ve worked with some outstanding people and brands in the last couple years; feel free to check out the more extensive list, but here are the more prominent ones: