Awful 2020

It’s been a long year, and now, more than ever, you tend to see the hardships, struggles, and stress more than anything else. But upon closer examination, those...

What I learned from 50 thousand Instagram Followers

One of my recent accomplishments that I'm really proud of is pushing one of my Instagram fan pages past 50 thousand followers

30 Reasons to Live in a Van

Recently my lifestyle has become very ad-hoc. I spend a lot of the time out somewhere else, because I do mountain tours, I go on tour with a band, I go on tour with a choir


Category: creativity

Three light interview setup

Recently I’ve been involved in a massive project, having to go around the country to visit some of the fastest growing companies, and gathering videos in the form of interviews and b-roll to represent them through this project.

Lakes, Castles and Waterfalls

Time to go for another road trip, this time to the little but extremely beautiful town of Jajce!

Alien Artifacts

Last week we went on an adventure to see some “alien artifacts”.

Jumpstart Your Creativity

With all that’s going on, how do we – creatives – get back on the horse in terms of creativity?

10 Creative Things to Do in Coronavirus Isolation | COVID19 Quarantine

Heya peeps! If you’re like me, pretty much anywhere around the world at this point, you’re probably stuck at home in isolation or self-isolation (quarantine), trying to keep…

Wedding Season

Seven wedding bookings in the first six months of shooting them. Gotta stand for something, right? When my friend A. called me up in November and asked me…