Heya peeps!

It’s been a whole three days since the last time we went on a road trip, so it’s time to go again. Our destination is this little city called Jajce, famous for a particular landmark, so first things first and that is to go and see the waterfall.  You can check out the vlog here:

Jajce has a very colorful history and outstanding natural sights and attractions. Several archeological sites dating back to the ancient times speak loudly of the town’s heritage. In the 14th century, it was the capital of what was then the kingdom of Bosnia, but the castle was already built by then, though the exact date for its construction is not known. Later it was conquered by the Ottomans who held it for about six months and was besieged soon after by the Austro Hungarian empire. It held an important strategical position in WWII and was heavily involved in the Bosnian war of the last century. Now it is a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists, with something to see and enjoy for everyone. It is sat squarely on the confluence of two rivers, resulting in the famous waterfall, which adores its center. A quick drive away takes you to the Pliva lakes, filled with small streams and waterfalls, and surrounded by lush forests and beautiful parks. 

All our van plans (Vans Plans?) got postponed, but we did decide, like I said in the last vlog, that we’d be trying to travel a lot more. This is technically our first little road, aside from going to the coast last year. And it’s kind of local – we wanted to visit all these cool places in our country, which we haven’t been to. I’ve lived here for 13 years, Azra has lived here all her life, and a lot of our friends don’t even know about these places. For starters we can visit a lot of them – take videos, take pictures, make a small documetary about them. That is why we are here! And to chill and relax and not eat meat 😀

So this whole trip was made possible thanks to our amazing friend – you know him from our trip to Zagreb. So in November of last year we went with the drum orchestra to Croatia to participate in their Supertalent TV show. It was a ton of fun and you can check out that vlog earlier on this channel. But essentially we know each other through the drum orchestra. Anytime!

The plan for day to is to swim, sunbathe, repeat, do a barbecue, maybe catch some Zzzs. Gonna be an exciting day! So we found a lovely place, with a lovely river next to those ancient water mills! Barbeque is going, and as we promised there is no meat. You see? No meat!

Our trip has very regrettably come to an end. I’m really hoping we get a chance to do this again sometime soon, because exploring places that you know about but have never been to, especially that you can explore with some quality and time on your hands is definitely on the top of my bucket list!